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Melanesian Waterfront Real Estate Limited (MWREL) and South Pacific Plantations Management Limited (SPPML)  do not provide investment, tax or legal advice, and nothing available at www.MWREL.com, www.spplantations.com, www.AllAboutVanuatu.com, www.InternationalEscapeHatch.com,  or any communications from the MWREL team members or related groups should be taken as such.  MWREL does do not represent any foreign government nor are agents of any foreign government. Before undertaking any action, be sure to discuss your options with a qualified advisor.

This website has been prepared jointly by Melanesian Waterfront Real Estate Limited (MWREL)and South Pacific Plantations Management Limited (SPPML) solely for the purposes of providing initial information to a select number of potential investors to assist them in deciding if they are sufficiently interested in the purchase of a farmlet on Malekula Island plus application for a Vanuatu company and permanent residency visa in the Republic of Vanuatu and to proceed with further investigation. It is provided on a confidential basis and is not to be re-supplied to any other person or reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written consent of MWREL and SPPML.

The role of MWREL in presenting this package including a 1-acre farmlet on Malekula Island plus assistance with obtaining Residency Visas for the Republic of Vanuatu is that of a consultant, and of assisting with the gathering and processing of paperwork in support of its clients’ applications.  MWREL will make it’s best endeavour to apprise its clients of every legal requirement to further the aim of obtaining residency via investment.  Ultimately the responsibility to provide valid documentation as required by the various government departments is that of the applicant.

It must be clearly understood that MWREL does not and can not in any way undertake to attempt to control or direct any government or banking organisation.  Those entities will make their own determination as to the acceptability of a particular application for their services.   MWREL does not and cannot guarantee the granting of a Company Registration, Business Licence, VAT status, VNPF registration, Vanuatu International Promotion Authority certificate, Immigration Department Resident’s Visa, or any other Vanautu government controlled activity.  Similarly MWREL cannot guarantee that a bank in Vanuatu will necessarily accept any particular client for opening a bank account.  Furthermore, MWREL will not be held responsible for the accuracy of its advice considering that government regulations can and do change without notice.

The information contained in this website is intended as a guide only; it does not constitute advice and does not constitute any offer or contract for sale or lease or otherwise. Figures and calculations contained in this website are based on figures provided to MWREL and SPPML by outside sources and have not been independently verified. Any projections or analysis represent estimates only and may be based on assumptions, which may not be correct.  Except where otherwise provided, all references to income or price are VAT exclusive.

Potential investors should not rely on this information as a statement or representation of fact and must make their own enquiries to verify and satisfy themselves of all aspects of such information. While such information has been prepared in good faith, no representations or warranties are made (express or implied) as to the accuracy, currency, completeness, suitability or otherwise of such information.

To the extent allowed by law, none of the owners, MWREL and SPPML, or their respective officers, employees, contractors or agents shall be liable to any person for any loss, liability, damage or expense (“liability”) arising directly or indirectly from or connected in any way with any use of or reliance on such information.